We are two hobby musicians who had some free time during the COVID-19 lockdown. Our first app, Uke Scale Essentials, started as a passion project — we wanted something convenient for looking up scales when we play our ukes on a hike or a bike ride. Slowly, we added more and more features that we personally would like to see in an app that helps us become better musicians — more modes and keys, musical notations, backing tracks and metronome for practice. The first app for ukulele was very well received. Now we have extended our app to Mandolin, Guitar, and Piano!

You can find Uke Scale Essentials, Mandolin Scale Essentials, Guitar Scales Essentials, and Piano Scale Essentials on the app store. Features include:

  • 12 keys, 15 modes
  • Easy switch between full and pentatonic scale for major & minor
  • Speed-adjustable backing tracks for all modes
  • Various tunings for ukulele, mandolin, and guitar
  • Position views and tabs for guitar

On our youtube channel, you can hear us play, and sample backing tracks to jam along!

Playing some 12 bar blues in our yard, which is also part of the “office space” 🙂
Some improvisation in G major (Bluegrass inspired).

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